When should you take down your Christmas decorations?

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It’s the annual Christmas conundrum - just when exactly should you take down the decorations?

The answer is - well, there is no precise answer.

Most would plump for the practice that has held since Victorian times, namely to do so on Twelfth Night.

That’s January 5, so if you’re a traditionalist you need to be ready for clear-up action tomorrow.

Those who require a little longer might prefer to wait for the Feast of the Epiphany, which some say is the very last day on which you can take down the ‘deccies.’

For those wanting to play for time, that’s January 6.

To others, the question is by now irrelevant - they’re the folk who de-Christmas the house in time for a new start at the New Year.

All though, are far quicker off the mark than our forebears of 200+ years ago, who would leave up their decorations until Candlemas Day on February 2!

Or perhaps you’d like to let fate determine the precise date, just as was the practice for many years at the Lord John Russell pub (now Little Johnny Russell’s) in Albert Road, Southsea, where the Christmas decorations were kept up until Pompey were knocked out of the FA Cup.

Thankfully that tradition no longer continues, otherwise - given Pompey’s first-round demise at the hands of Wycombe Wanderers this season, the decorations would have had to have been taken down before they were put up.