24-hour debt advice service helps people back from the brink

SPEAKING OUT Debt counsellor Pam Moss
SPEAKING OUT Debt counsellor Pam Moss
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As a debt counsellor, I aim to bring hope to people of Portsmouth who are in over their heads with money troubles.

I visit clients’ homes and talk to them about their situation so we can work a suitable budget that they can follow.

We will then support that person until they are debt-free.

We do use the bible to help people through their troubled times.

Christians Against Poverty provides a 24-hour service and we spend 60 hours working with each client and stay until they are debt-free.

Our budgets help them use their money constructively, instead of wasting it in places where it won’t make a difference.

January always brings a lot of people to our doorstep because they have overspent and failed to budget well over Christmas time.

I have found some clients stop eating food because of their situation.

At CAP we do come across people in very distressed states. In some cases suicide does cross their minds.

Some of my clients have been too terrified to open their mail so they just let it pile up.

They can’t face the bills because they know the figures are too large for them to deal with. As debt counsellors we try to take away that fear and give them steps towards a solution.

Part of the service we provide protects them from the constant harassment our clients get at their front door. We take away that pressure by redirecting all of this contact to our centre in Bradford, where there are professionals assigned to take the calls.

Visit for local CAP debt counselling services visit the Portsmouth branch in Kings church, Elm Grove, Southsea.