300-mile walk is no problem for these pals

BEST FEET FORWARD Daniel Tool and Nathan Mack
BEST FEET FORWARD Daniel Tool and Nathan Mack

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TWO friends are embarking on a marathon challenge with a 300-mile fundraising walk.

Daniel Tool and his friend Nathan Mack are walking from Portsmouth to Birmingham and back in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Daniel wanted to raise money for the charity which cares and supports those who are suffering from cancer and also their families. His mum suffered from cancer of the womb four years ago and was supported by volunteers at Macmillan.

She has since had a hysterectomy and is now in remission and Daniel, 32, wanted to thank all the people who helped her in a difficult time.

Daniel, from Grosvenor Road, Southsea, said: ‘Nathan and I decided to do the walk which will take about 47 hours if we try to do it non-stop.

‘We live down here but my mum lives in Birmingham.

‘We thought that would make sense as we can stop off there before heading back.

‘So that’s why we chose that particular route.

‘My mum had cancer a few years back and I think Macmillan is one of the most amazing charities out there.

‘It does a lot to help families and support them and a lot of people benefit from them.’

Daniel and Nathan, 24, are still deciding on a route to take but there are three possibilities.

All will take them through the countryside and Daniel is up for the challenge.

He added: ‘If I’m honest, I have never done much exercise in my life.

‘But I really wanted to do this and I think it will help me with my fitness and to possibly lose a bit of weight. I have been doing walks to help prepare myself for it but I will just go for it and see how I get on.

‘We could have opted for an eight or ten-mile walk but we thought if we’re going to do it, we might as well do something memorable.’

The walk will take place at the end of August and Daniel hopes to raise as much money as possible by then.

He said: ‘We do not have a specific target because we want to be happy with what we raise.

‘Targets put on pressure when any amount will help the charity.’