40p Portsmouth car boot sale glasses fetch £20,000

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A WOMAN who bought three wine glasses for 40p each at a car boot sale saw them fetch almost £20,000 at auction.

The anonymous punter bought the six-inch high glasses from an un-named boot sale in Portsmouth, unaware they were rare 18th century Beilby glasses.

She then took them to a sale room in Chichester, to ask if they were worth anything.

Mark Hewitt, from auctioneers Stride and Son, said: ‘The lady was at a car boot sale and just bought them on a hunch.

‘She didn’t haggle or anything, she just paid what the person was asking – which was 40p each.

‘Then she brought the glasses to us and was a bit embarrassed and said she didn’t want to waste our time.

‘When I saw them I made sure I put them in a locked cabinet.

‘She was shocked when I opened the bidding at £500.The glasses are museum quality pieces and it just shows you can pick things up at car boot sales and make money.’

The winning bidder, who deals in glass, paid a total of £18,880.

The glasses were made by glassworker William Beilby, who was known to have produced enamelled glass.

The items are thought to have been made in around 1765 and fewer than 100.