98ft chimney coming down... brick by brick

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A long-standing part of Gosport's skyline will soon be demolished.

The red brick chimney at the Sanderson Business Centre, in Lees Lane, will be taken down to free up space for businesses.

But because of its location, it can't be blow up and must be taken down brick by brick.

The centre was built in the 1920s as a motorbike factory.

Joyce Upperton, of the Gosport Society, said: 'My personal view is that if it is a good thing for Gosport, I don't see anything wrong with it.

'I pass it quite often and I haven't noticed it recently because after a while you get used to things being there.

'They could put something up at the centre telling people what it used to be, then we could remember. I don't think it will be missed.'

The 98ft high chimney will be taken down early next year.

Ian Ross, director of building surveyor Ross Associates, said: 'We can't explode it because it is surrounded by buildings, so it will have to be taken down brick-by-brick.

'Getting rid of the chimney will make more space for businesses to set up in Gosport.'