A fortnight of fun to celebrate in the summer

Crowds enjoy the Big Day Out at Alverstoke.
Crowds enjoy the Big Day Out at Alverstoke.
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Flag from HMS Victory and Lord Nelson’s love letters up for sale at London auction

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A NEW festival to celebrate all that is good about Gosport will make its debut in the town in the summer.

Celebrate! Gosport is a two week festival to be run by Gosport Borough Council.

It will take place from June 11 until June 25 all over the borough, with local clubs and groups being encouraged to take part.

The council is paying for the festival at a cost of £10,000 and it will replace Gosport’s Big Day Out.

Councillor Mark Hook, leader of the council, said: ‘The problem with the Big Day Out is that there are 39 events over the day and we can’t physically do it all.

‘I thought it would be a great thing to do to stretch it over a two-week period.

‘It will bring in the spiritual and cultural sides and it will open it up to all sections of society.

‘Something will be put on over those two weeks that will appeal to everyone.

‘So, for example, if Gosport Cricket club are playing at home we will publish it so people know it’s on.

‘Community associations can be a part of it too.

‘We will be talking to Fort Brockhurst and Explosion museum to open it up free to attract visitors. It will encompass the whole lot.’

The festival will finish with a session of live music by bands from the surrounding area on Saturday, June 25.

Cllr Hook added that this is an opportunity to show off the positive aspects of Gosport and try to attract more people into the town.

‘There are a tremendous amount of things to do in Gosport,’ he said.

‘There are lots of activities.

‘We just want to show all that is good.

‘We want to give all these businesses and clubs an opportunity to be a focal point of what’s good in Gosport and hopefully attract people from outside the area to come in and appreciate what we have got here.

‘There are a lot of people in Gosport that don’t appreciate it, never mind those who live outside the town.’