A park day out thanks to the Rotary Club of Southsea Castle

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CHILDREN with special needs were treated to a fun day out thanks to Rotary Club members.

The Rotary Club of Southsea Castle took part in the Kids Out day where 1,300 children from across the south travelled to Paulton’s Park, near Romsey, thanks to Rotary Wessex and Waitrose.

Members took a class from the Mary Rose School in Milton for the day, while 790 carers assisted 320 Rotarians.

Spokesman Carol Jenkinson said: ‘This is only my third year of helping but once you’ve done it you’re hooked – just to see the look on the youngsters’ faces and excitement in their movements.

‘The fact that no-one is worrying about how they look or act on this special day, it’s all about these very special young people.’

Caroline Millman, past president of Rotary Wessex, said: ‘We are all kids at heart.

‘We know Kids Out helps them lead more active lives, stimulates their minds and bodies and gives them experiences they will talk about for a long time to come.’