A soggy day out in our favourite wood

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Greetings chipsters everywhere. This week I decided to go on a trip away from Dunyelping with my close feline friend Brindley Milligan.

As you know, it has been rather rainy lately so Brindley and I suggested One Hundred Acre Wood for a rainy day getaway.

We packed wellies, a coat, a picnic hamper and some warm gloves.

As we entered the wood it started pouring with rain and I realised I’d forgotten to bring an umbrella for Brindley.

As some of you might know, cats hate water, so poor Brindley and I spent our entire day outsheltering under a tree in One Hundred Acre Wood.

It would have been a total disaster, but we ate the delicious food my mum packed very kindly in the picnic hamper.

We watched from afar as people played on the swings while Brindley and I sat under the tree and told jokes to each other to lighten up the mood. You can see some of them on this page.

When we finally returned to Dunyelping and a lovely roaring log fire, Brindley and i thought we had escaped the pouring rain but more and more came down.

Brindley came inside and we watched the weather through the window checking when it might be all right to go out again because we were drenched, but happt.

Our day didnt go quite as planned but we still had a good time. Chip chip for now . Chipper.