AA backs speeding enforcement blitz

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  • Motoring group supports Hampshire Police crackdown
  • Some drivers claim police have wrong priorities
  • Hundreds get speeding tickets as initiative starts
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THE AA has backed police over a major speeding crackdown.

Almost 300 people were issued with tickets by Hampshire Constabulary yesterday at locations across the south of the county – mainly in areas which have 30mph limits.

But it has provoked anger among some drivers, including Andrew White who commented on The News Facebook page: ‘Should be out catching real criminals not punishing motorists doing three miles an hour over the limit’.

And Danny Higgins added: ‘Penalising civilians for victimless misdemeanour, this isn’t police work.’

That is not the view taken by the Automobile Association.

Spokesman Paul Watters said: ‘I’m surprised drivers feel that way (about the crackdown).

The law is the law. Urban areas are places where accidents do happen – there are lots of vulnerable road users in Portsmouth

AA spokesman Paul Watters

‘The law is the law. Urban areas are places where accidents do happen – there are lots of vulnerable road users in Portsmouth.

‘Residents often argue that police don’t do enough to enforce the speed limit.

‘Enforcement should always be linked to casualty reduction and have a benefit.

‘The benefits of enforcement do spread beyond the streets where enforcement takes place.’


Check the full list of police speed camera locations here


And not everyone on our Facebook page was against the enforcement blitz.

‘Don’t speed and it is not a problem,’ said Steve Turner.

And Susie Wall commented: ‘Hey ho. Simply drive sensibly. Nothing new and they have these crackdowns on a regular basis.’

Yesterday police issued 291 tickets, almost 90 per cent of them in 30mph zones.

Police say officers will be patrolling roads in order to enforce the speed limit and educating drivers about the dangers of taking unnecessary risks on the road.

Sergeant Rob Heard said: ‘Excessive or inappropriate speed has a singularly devastating impact on the safety of road users, increasing both the risk of a crash and the severity of the consequences.

‘Speeding is the most prevalent dangerous driving activity and forms as one of the main factors involved in fatal road collisions.

‘People need to realise it’s a speed limit and not a target so it may be more appropriate to travel at a lower speed depending on the road conditions for their own safety.

‘Hampshire Constabulary is committed to increasing road safety and will continue to target those who fail to abide by the speed limits.

‘Our aim is simply, to improve the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of any drivers who speed, thereby reducing the likelihood of the driver being involved in a future speeding incident and make our roads safer.’

Regular locations for Hampshire Constabulary Safer Roads Unit operate mobile cameras are published as part of the effort to encourage drivers to keep to the limit at all times.

Councillor Ken Smith, who sits on Hampshire County Council’s road safety council, said: ‘I think it’s odd when people complain about speed cameras when in reality what they’re saying is they want to be allowed to break the law with impunity.

‘In my view there is no problem with cameras – if you don’t speed you don’t get caught.’