Active Jon thinks city’s seafront needs lots of investment

TRADITIONAL The current beach huts by the prom in Eastney
TRADITIONAL The current beach huts by the prom in Eastney

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Beach huts are part of British seaside culture.

There’s always a waiting list and objections should be ignored.

It’s a good idea to build 25 at a time as stated to get a sensible opinion, and as seafront manager David Evans said, we have four miles of concrete – sorry, he meant seafront.

I walk this seafront twice a week end to end and it is featureless, bleak and lacking the character and attractions needed for a 21st century resort.

Perhaps the objectors could point out the defining qualities currently in situ?

Mr Evans says he is working in tandem with Natural England and that’s good enough for me.

A resident states the beach huts will damage ecology.

Does that mean the current block has damaged it too?

I must confess I did not realise beach segments are of international value and repute!

Adding much-needed attractions to a sterile seafront is a must and I need convincing that the flora and fauna will suffer.

The new beach huts without a doubt would contribute towards the regeneration of the seafront.

They will look good if they are painted in different colours.

They are the epitome of what a beach is about.

We must also attract more seafront cafes.

I would like to say most people enjoy eating and drinking by the sea.

As you walk down from Eastney toilets there’s the Coffee Cup, but after that there’s nothing until you get to South Parade Pier.

We have got to go a bit more upmarket.

I know that’s not easy.

You can’t just get rid of the piers and burger vans.