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Tammy Kent 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (142189-4)
Tammy Kent 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (142189-4)
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Owner of Tammy’s One Stop Party Shop, Tammy Kent, talks about the daunting prospect of her children going back to school

Tammy here with my weekly column and I would firstly like to apologise for the mix up with my page last week stating that Kris Kay is Flatliner.

Anyone who knows these guys would have had a good chuckle.

Secondly, it’s the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus who would get a percentage of the tickets sold by Steve Trowern at The WPM, due to Kris and Flatliner not being able to attend the fun day the WPM held in the summer.

Now that I have that straightened up I can sleep easy – no fear of two big wrestlers coming to get me anymore.

I live very close to Brockhurst Junior School and as I am sitting here I am thinking of all the children I can hear in the playground.

Isn’t it wonderful how they can adjust so well to going back to school after their six weeks off?

I have six children and I have been doing the school run for 17 years now

My youngest, Summer, who was four in June, has just started at Brockhurst Infants School in Avery Lane.

It’s a horrible thing leaving your child at ‘big school’ for the first time, whether it is the first or sixth.

We have nurtured them for years and now our trust is put in a teacher, it’s an awful feeling.

I am lucky Mrs Selman is Summers’ reception teacher as she was for my five other children and my granddaughter Ruby who is in Summers’ class.

Another of my children, Kadi-Angel, turned nine recently and had lots of fun and games making their own pizzas and decorating cakes at Tammy’s One Stop Party Shop with her school friends

The shop behind Rosie’s Kitchen in Rowner Road, Gosport, is a real community room and has raised lots of money for various charities – most recently £140 for Harbour Cancer Support Centre in Gosport.

We have plenty of new things which are happening at Tammy’s One Stop Party Shop.

As well as the You Trust guys being there each Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10-2 helping and advising people with housing or benefit issues, our great children’s parties, various coffee mornings and half-term events we have now introduced crafts clubs.

The first was on Saturday and Charlotte Moore came and taught us the finer details of card making. She will be back nearer Christmas.

September 29 sees the start of Hazel Doughty’s crochet club which will run for three weeks. There will also be an angel pillow workshop where people can bring an item of clothing of a loved one they have lost and make it into a cushion to hold forever.

Details of this are to be confirmed, so for now check out our Facebook Page or call me on 07801 760 969.