Admiral Nelson’s cribbage board found

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A CRIBBAGE board played by Admiral Nelson could fetch thousands at auction.

The rare bone board was found in a drawer of an old Victorian desk by auctioneer Toby Jenkins.

The board features an inscription stating it was used by Victory Nelson and Admiral Quilliam.

It was penned by the donor Byron S. G. Penn in the 1940s.

Mr Jenkins was given the desk following the clearance of a small English museum.

Mr Jenkins told The Daily Mail he thought at first the board was a piece of wood lodged in the drawer, and spent 20 minute prising it out with brute force and a screwdriver.

He searched papers in the National Archive with the name of the donor and discovered he was a descendent of Admiral Quilliam.

The board will be sold at auction along with other items from the museum on October 20 and 21.