‘Advent is an exciting time of the year’

Rev Mike Sheffield
Rev Mike Sheffield
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Reverend Mike Sheffield is the vicar of St George’s Church in Waterlooville. Here he shares with us his excitement for Advent

In churches too, carols are being practised, bazaars are being publicised and decorations are being put up. And yet it’s not Christmas.

It’s not Christmas but the start of Advent, usually marked out with Advent calendars and maybe with candles as well.

I think Advent is an exciting time of year, but sadly it can get hidden or forgotten with all the Christmas preparations going on.

When you go away on holiday, be it camping, cruising or just lazing on a beach, there’s loads to do before you can go: making sure you have the right clothes, for example, and if you’re going abroad, making sure your passport is still in date.

Then there’s sorting out who will feed the cat and, of course, checking that your mobile will work wherever you’re going.

The list goes on, but I find all the preparation for holidays really exciting and it gets me in the mood for going away.

Advent does the same for Christmas.

There’s loads to do but it gets me in the mood for what’s to follow.

There’s a lot happening at St George’s Church, Waterlooville, during Advent.

We will have the arrival of a large Christmas tree on which the names of departed loves ones will be hung.

There will be a Christmas bazaar on December 5 followed by a series of Christmas concerts to which all the local schools have been invited.

We are also having two special services to remember people who have died. One will be a service for Naomi House Hospice and Jacksplace on December 9 and the other will be a memorial service on December 14 for all those who names are on the tree.

Yes, just like getting ready for holidays, Advent is a very busy time preparing for Christmas.

At St George’s there’s a special service to mark the beginning of Advent as well.

It’s held in candlelight on Sunday, November 29 at 6pm and you’re very welcome to come.

n St George Church is in St George’s Walk, Waterlooville.

Sunday services start at 8am.

There is a Eucharist at 10am.

For more information about what’s going on at the chuch, visit the website stgeorges.church