After nine doors and three years, problem is finally resolved

FIXED Chris Satow with one of his many front doors
FIXED Chris Satow with one of his many front doors

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When Eastney next-door neighbours Chris Satow and Ethel Akerman answered the door to a home improvements salesman in May 2010, little did they realise it was to spark a chain of frustration and inconvenience that was to last more than three years.

The representative from Pure Windows and Conservatories Ltd in West End Southampton, made the retired pair an offer they couldn’t refuse – a brand spanking new maintenance-free composite front door supplied and fitted for just £1,050.

Understandably they jumped at the chance. But in a portent of things to come, Chris told Streetwise that his first door was the wrong colour and let rainwater in.

Subsequently replacements were draughty and substandard.

Ethel complained to Pure Windows about similar problems.

Five replacement doors later the same problems kept recurring, leaving Ethel at the end of her tether.

Almost three years down the line and on their combined ninth door replacement, the pair said all they wanted was out and their money back.

With the matter going nowhere fast and dragging on and on, Chris decided to email Streetwise for help and advice.

We contacted Pure Windows management, and while accepting they had consistently tried to remedy the defects, we were able to make a start getting things moving towards a positive outcome.

We said they were under a legal obligation to get the problems with the doors sorted once and for all or go back to square one, remove them, and offer compensation.

As a first step Streetwise agreed to attend a site meeting with all the parties.

But despite further adjustments to the doors during the site meeting, it turned out they were still not fit for purpose.

Pure Windows then made Chris and Ethel a financial offer to settle the matter which they found unacceptable.

After further negotiations we were able to come up with a compromise solution acceptable to all sides. Pure Windows agreed to replace and reinstall the doors at no additional cost.

A relieved Ethel and Chris thanked Streetwise for persevering to broker a solution.

A Pure Windows company spokesperson said: ‘We are completely dedicated to customer satisfaction, and sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to Mr Satow and Mrs Akerman.

‘We’d like to thank them for their patience and understanding in the unique and very unusual circumstances they experienced.

‘Working with our supplier to rectify the situation we have subsequently arranged for free of charge new doors, backed by a further 10-year guarantee.’