Alert neighbour calls emergency services

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NEIGHBOUR Joanne Hart reacted quickly when the fire alarm in the house next door went off.

She heard the device go off just before midday yesterday in Copnor Road, near Copnor bridge.

After checking through the letterbox to see if there were any signs of smoke or flames, she called the emergency services.

The 24-year-old said: ‘I heard the alarm and so I went and looked through the letterbox to see if I could see anything.

‘Even though there wasn’t any visible smoke or fire, I decided to call the fire service. I thought it could be that the battery needed replacing, but then the alarm wouldn’t have carried on going off.’

A fire crew from Cosham fire station attended, where they forced entry into the building.

Once inside they discovered the alarm was faulty.

Crew manager Mark Jones said: ‘Although this was a faulty fire alarm, the neighbour did the right thing by calling us.

‘It’s always better we attend to check.’