Alfie, 8, buys £1,000 Pompey share

Alfie Blagden, aged 8, with his money pot. ''Alfie bought a share in the Pompey Supporters Trust after saving up for months
Alfie Blagden, aged 8, with his money pot. ''Alfie bought a share in the Pompey Supporters Trust after saving up for months

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DEDICATED Pompey fan Alfie Blagden has paid £1,000 to buy a share in his beloved club.

The eight-year-old has spent the last year saving up his pocket money and doing jobs around the house to get enough money for the share.

And to show their appreciation of his hard work club director Mark Trapani invited Alfie and his family to watch a Pompey game from the directors’ box. He also got to meet all the players.

Alfie, from All Saints Road, in Buckland, said: ‘I have always been a Pompey supporter and I was excited to get my share in the club.

‘I was born the day after Pompey beat Southampton 4-1 and that’s why I support them.

‘I decided I wanted to help them the Christmas before last and I wrote to Father Christmas asking him to save Pompey.

‘That was all I wanted.’

At this time, Pompey’s future was looking uncertain and the supporters’ trust was yet to take over.

But Alfie decided to start saving up his pocket money.

Kora, his mum, said: ‘Alfie has been doing a lot to save up the money for his share. He has helped with chores and the neighbours have kindly given him things to do.

‘We also have a friend who owns a garage in Hilsea and he has been letting Alfie and his brother Luke wash cars for people. In one afternoon, they managed to raise £95.’

To reach the final total of £1,000, Alfie received £73 from a Bournemouth fan.

‘It was great to reach the total,’ he added. ‘I had fun raising the money by helping my grandad with his garden and doing the car washes. I like having a share and enjoyed watching Pompey play.

‘It was lots of fun.’

After being taken over by the supporters’ trust last year, Pompey is now the largest fan-owned club in Britain.

In March, Mark Trapani will present Alfie with a certificate at Fratton Park.

As reported, Mr Trapani, who is also managing director of the Snows Motor Group in Portsmouth, is encouraging businesses to buy shares in the club.

He said businesses can benefit from buying shares because of the feelgood factor in the city.

Each share costs £1,000 and a certificate is issued to all those who sign up to put in the boardroom or reception

Any business or person interested in buying a share should visit