Ambulance crashes into a car in Portsmouth

Picture: Jason Kay, UKNIP
Picture: Jason Kay, UKNIP
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AN AMBULANCE on its way to a 999 call has slammed into a parked car in Portsmouth.

The emergency vehicle was travelling along London Road in North End when, witnesses claim, a car pulled out in front out it.

People near to the scene described how the ambulance struck the vehicle in front before swerving and crashing into a parked car nearby.

One of those who saw the incident, a 21-year-old woman who wished not to be named, said: ‘I was on the till serving and I heard the ambulance.

‘I saw it coming down the road. I looked and saw it swerving and it just went into the side of the parked car.

‘I was just like, “Oh my God!”.

‘It was a shock. But it doesn’t look like anyone was hurt.’

Another witness said: ‘I could hear and the sirens and see the lights flashing and the man just carried on pulling out while all the other cars and stopped to let the ambulance pass,’

The crash is understood to have taken place close to The Green Posts pub shortly after 12.40pm.

Police were called to the scene outside Doyle Court with traffic queuing up down the road.

A spokeswoman for South Central Ambulance Service confirmed that one of it’s vehicles had been involed in a crash.

She said: ‘At 12.04pm we were alerted to an RTC (road traffic collision) involving two vehicles and an ambulance.

‘As well as the ambulance involved, we sent an ambulance and rapid response vehicle to treat those at the scene.’

She confirmed that the ambulance had been on its way to support another crew dealing with a 999 call elsewhere in the city.

She added there was not a paitent on the ambulance at the time of the crash and said that no one need hospital treatment as a result of the collision.

A third witness, working in TN Print described that the ambulance driver ‘looked very shocked’.

‘The poor man didn’t expect to hit anyone today,’ she added.

‘But it wasn’t a significant impact.

‘The parked car lost its side mirror and had a dent on the door.

‘The customer’s car was also damaged and had some scatches on it.’