Ambulance service slams ‘superglue’ 999 call

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PARAMEDICS in the area are still facing a huge increase in emergency calls – including time-wasting requests – during the heatwave.

South Central Ambulance service responded to 4,412 calls between Friday and Sunday. This is an increase on the two weekends before that.

The service is now urging people not to misuse the ambulance service and to only call 999 in an medical emergency.

Spokesman James Keating-Wilkes said: ‘Please remember that misuse of the ambulance service costs lives. Only call 999 in the event of a medical emergency. Calling an ambulance when you don’t need one may result in resources being unavailable to respond to patients who genuinely need them.’

The ambulance service has received a number of inappropriate calls in the last few days, including a man who had eaten an out-of-date ready meal and wanted to know if he’d be okay. Another man called 999 because he superglued his finger to his ear.