Ammonia leaks from an overheated desk fridge

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AN OVERHEATED fridge caused a worker to feel a burning sensation in his eyes.

Two fire engines from Southsea, and three from Cosham – including the special equipment unit – were called out to the incident.

It came in as a hazardous material emergency in HMS Temeraire in Burnaby Road in Portsmouth at 3.05pm.

Crews spoke to the man who raised the alarm.

He said he could smell a strong chemical scent, and his eyes were stinging.

Firefighters put on breathing apparatus and went into a printing operations room, and found the cause to be a broken fridge. A pipe had burst on the back of a small desktop fridge, causing ammonia to come out.

The faulty fridge was removed and the room was ventilated. An ambulance was sent as a precaution, but nobody was hurt.

Crews stayed until 4.35pm.