Andrew and Alex’s amazing American adventure

INTREPID Andy Dickson and Alex Cuppleditch in the Oregon Dune National Recreation Area
INTREPID Andy Dickson and Alex Cuppleditch in the Oregon Dune National Recreation Area
The 58-year-old was last seen in the Tipner area of Portsmouth on the morning of Monday, January 15.

URGENT: Family of missing Portsmouth man launch desperate appeal

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COMBINING two of their passions, a couple decided to cycle across America.

Andrew Dickinson and his partner, Alex Cuppleditch, love travelling so the pair decided to do it in a unique way.

They cycled over 5,000 miles from New York, to Las Vegas via Oregon, before riding down the California coast.

Andrew and Alex, both 29, started the journey in June and finished three months later.

In total, they covered 5,300 miles going through a total of nine states.

Andrew, from Southsea, said: ‘Alex and I have always had a love of cycling and neither of us own a car so it is the main way we get around.

‘So we thought of combining our love of cycling with our love of travelling.

‘America was always on the list and looking into it more, it seemed perfect.

‘We were both blown away with the landscape and Idaho was my favourite state.

‘It was amazing to be cycling through a forest, then you would get to the top of a mountain and the whole forest would be below you.

‘The view was incredible.

‘We followed a route that the Adventure Cycling Association suggested and it was really helpful with where to go and the exact routes and roads to take.’

Andrew and Alex stayed in a number of venues while they travelled including churches and hostels.

They used a website called Warm Showers that shows worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists.

Andrew added: ‘We met so many lovely people along the way who gave us a place to stay.

‘They also fixed our bikes when there were little problems.

‘It made the whole journey more enjoyable knowing we weren’t on our own.’

Alex, who works for Motiv8 – a charity for kids and young people – decided it would be nice to raise money for charity as they were doing it.

Money raised will also go to CRED Foundation – a charity that supports local projects around the world.

They raised £3,000.