Angel Radio launches a new digital station

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A community radio station has given listeners a Christmas treat with the launch of a new digital service.

And Havant-based Angel Radio is encouraging its audience to have a say in which programmes they wish to feature on the DAB station.

Seventy presenters have recorded demonstration programmes and listeners have been invited to comment on each. Around 30 will then be given a permanent slot.

The digital station, which runs from 9am to 6pm daily, will carry some of the programmes that feature on Angel's existing service on 101.FM and at

Station manager Tony Smith said: 'We want ordinary people on the wireless talking in a natural way. I can't be doing with the modern fast-paced scattergun jabber from the presenters on most other radio stations.

'I want our audience to feel that we are friends sitting in the same room as them, having a cup of tea, a chat about the old days and playing a few old nostalgic records along the way.'