Anger as club will spend cash on its grounds not debts

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A MAN owed thousands of pounds by the borough football club has questioned why it’s spending cash from its trip to Wembley on its ground.

Dave Smith says he is still owed more than £12,000 from a fundraising festival he put on for Gosport Borough and wants the club to pay up.

Now weeks after the club announced it had brought in £64,000 after making it to Wembley for the FA Trophy final, Mr Smith says he wants his money.

Mark Hook, chairman of the club based at Privett Park, said it offered a payment deal to Mr Smith but it was refused.

But Mr Smith told The News: ‘They still owe a debt and they haven’t kept their promises. It’s an absolute disgrace. He’s got thousands of pounds in sponsors as well as the cup run.

‘He can’t say he hasn’t got the money – you’ve got the money Mr Hook, why aren’t you paying it?’

Correspondence from Mr Smith’s recovery agent seen by The News says that the club failed to pay £4,000 that should have been paid by March 21.

Mr Hook, who is also leader of Gosport Borough Council, has declined to comment any further but said he hopes the debt will be cleared.

As reported, Borough lost 4-0 in the final to Cambridge United at Wembley on March 23 but still brought in £64,000.

Mr Hook had said money will be spent on paying debts and improving the ground.

He had also said the cash looked more than it was as the club will lose money from re-arranged games, suffering lower attendances.

The row between Mr Smith and Gosport Borough started after he ran a fundraising event in May 2012.

He went to Northampton County Court Bulk Centre and got a judgement on October 24 2012 instructing the club to pay the debt.

Bailiffs have since been to the club to get the cash but found only a gazebo and a photocopier, which they did not take. It is not clear how much has been paid so far.

Mr Smith added: ‘Now I’ve instructed a firm of solicitors.

‘Those costs are going to be added on top.

‘The football club is not paying the bill even though they’ve got the money to do so.’

Mr Smith, a former Liberal Democrat then independent councillor, added he is looking into pursuing individuals for the cash.

He is also embroiled in a legal battle over unpaid bills from a festival he ran last year with co-organiser Paul Cobb.