Anger as Hot Walls beach is left strewn with litter

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THIS is the disgusting mess left by litterbugs at the Hot Walls beach in Old Portsmouth.

These pictures taken this morning were sent to The News by a concerned local resident who said the problem was getting worse.

‘Not only is it with shocking sadness but it’s utter despair when I think that this is something that represents our city,’ he said.

‘It could be the first view people get of the place and what impression does that give?’

The resident said the main culprits were groups of young people who gathered on the beach.

He added: ‘It’s getting worse, there’s no two ways about it. The rubbish is an indicator of how people behave generally. There’s a total lack of respect for rules, regulations and authority.

‘The beach is there for all to enjoy and shouldn’t be ruined for the many by the few.

‘If we’re to work together as a city community then we all have to be responsible for how we treat it.

‘Not only is this an environmental disaster waiting to happen but it’s extremely dangerous for young children, parents and animals, There’s glass, ripped cans and all of the other associated objects.’