Anger as smashed glass and sharp spikes left on Hill Head beach

Nails found on the beach at Hill Head.
Nails found on the beach at Hill Head.
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RESIDENTS, dogwalkers and beach-goers have been left enraged after large metal spikes and broken glass were left strewn across a shoreline.

The mess was created at Hill Head after a series of bonfires, where wooden crates were being burnt leaving behind the metalwork that joined them together. The people at the bonfires also smashed glass bottles.

The rusty and burnt nails were sticking up above the shingle as was the broken and burnt glass from bottles.

Frank Lomax, 71, from Hill Head

The problem was compounded by the council’s reluctance to clear up the mess as it is on private land.

One resident, Frank Lomax, said he was so horrified by the mess left after a particularly large bonfire last week that he cleared up the debris himself.

Mr Lomax, 71, said: ‘My wife and I walk our dog on the beach most days and always collect broken glass if we see it. Worn beach glass is common.

‘We’re only doing our bit to help keep the beach clear as a part of our walk.

‘The recent spate of small driftwood bonfires is in some way natural for young people to do and I’m sure it has been going on for years.

‘However, this particular bonfire, based on the residue, was built from wooden pallets which must’ve been brought to the beach for this purpose.

‘The rusty and burnt nails were sticking up above the shingle as was the broken and burnt glass from bottles.

‘Once we started to gather the nails we were amazed at how many there were. I’m unsure if we managed to find them all and we certainly did not find all of the glass.’

Mr Lomax contacted Fareham Borough Council but was disappointed as it said the beaches above the high water line were owned by properties that back onto the beach.

Cllr Tiffany Harper, in charge of streetscene matters, said: ‘A council officer patrols the areas of the foreshore that we are responsible for throughout the summer months, to ensure the beach is kept clean and tidy.

‘There are sections of the foreshore that we do not cleanse as it is private property. There are also regular patrols along the foreshore by the enforcement team.’

County councillor Chris Wood was shocked when he saw Mr Lomax’s pictures.

He said: ‘There is absolutely no excuse. There needs to be proper enforcement and it needs to be stepped up. It is the council’s job to keep the beach tidy, clean and safe.’