Anger at Fareham drain that’s leaked for a decade

Water from the leaking drain at Bury House flats in Fareham
Water from the leaking drain at Bury House flats in Fareham
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WORRIED residents have voiced their concerns over a ‘dangerous’ drain that has leaking water for more than a decade.

The drain, outside Bury House flats in Crescent Road, Fareham, has been leaking for 10 years and in the winter months, residents are worried what impact the cold will have on the pavement.

The problem has been reported to both Portsmouth Water and the Hampshire Highways – with both visiting the site over the course of the past year.

But people say they have been left confused as to what action is being taken.

One resident of Bury House, who has lived there for 20 years and wished to remain anonymous, said: ‘It’s been a problem for over 10 years. The drain is permanently wet and when it hits the colder times it freezes over.

‘When it ices over it’s really dangerous – people have to walk along that part of the street so it’s not good at all.’

Jamie Waller, also from Bury House, echoed the concerns.

He said: ‘There is going to be problem if it ices over.’

Hampshire County Council is in charge of roads, but if the issue has arisen from a burst water pipe then it would be either Portsmouth Water, which provides drinking water, or Southern Water, which looks after wastewater.

Ian Limb, from Portsmouth Water, said the company had been to the site a number of times and found no leaks.

He also said a sample taken from water on the drain was found to contain no chlorine, which indicates that it is not treated drinking water.

He said: ‘We are happy to meet with residents if that would help in the matter but at the moment we have done everything we can to try to understand if indeed the water is caused by a leak from one of our mains.’

A spokesperson from the county council said: ‘We reported this leak which was coming from the centre of the carriageway to Portsmouth Water.

‘We have not yet heard back from Portsmouth Water but if their investigations show the leak is not coming from their apparatus, then further investigation work will be needed to identify the source of the water. In the meantime, we will make the necessary repairs to ensure the road is safe.’

Southern Water was unavailable for comment.