Anger over bid to build estate in two phases

Land off Scratchface Lane in Bedhampton.''Picture:Steve Reid 102918-31
Land off Scratchface Lane in Bedhampton.''Picture:Steve Reid 102918-31
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FEARS have been raised over new plans for a 92-home development.

The proposed estate at Scratchface Lane, which overlooks the A3M in Bedhampton, was at the centre of a battle between residents and the developers.

There was fierce opposition and the scheme was rejected by the government’s planning inspector, but only on a technicality.

It was then given the green light by Havant Borough Council last year but the developer Crayfern Homes has submitted a new application which will see it built in two phases because it says building it in one hit is not be financially viable.

Jim Graham, the chairman of Bedhampton’s North Hill Residents’ Association says it is not fair on people living close to the site.

He said: ‘This will prolong the misery for the people who live in Brooklands Road and Maylands Road. They will have to put up with the construction for even longer.

‘We appreciated that there would be a period we would have to go through but who knows how long it will take now?

‘A large percentage of homes will be social housing.

‘There are 5,000 people on the council waiting list who need somewhere to live.

‘Why didn’t the developer think about this before they put the original application in?

‘It will prolong the agony for all of us.’

There are also slight changes to the type of properties, including fewer one-bedroom flats, which Bedhampton Councillor Jenny Wride said she believes is an improvement to the scheme.

In a letter to Havant Borough Council, the developer’s agents Pro Vision spelt out the problem.

It said the application as it stands is not viable and they need to build in two phases to ‘ensure that the approved scheme generates enough of a margin to ensure that both the agreed financial contributions and level of affordable housing can be provided’.

It goes on to say ‘it must ensure that the applicant’s profit margin meets the criteria for lending set by the banking sector so that they can obtain finance to build out the scheme’.

The developer said it would not be appropriate to estimate how long it will take to build.