Anger over build up of rubbish in Portsmouth side streets

Rubbish piled up in Charlotte Street
Rubbish piled up in Charlotte Street
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PILES of rubbish lobbed in a side street are driving a cafe owner to distraction.

Phil Allison, who runs Fagins Cafe in Charlotte Street, in Portsmouth city centre, wants people to stop putting boxes of rubbish in Eden Street.

He told The News the collection area is blocking a drain, attracting vermin and causing a smell in the summer months.

He said: ‘They’re supposed to clean and wash there at the weekend where the rubbish is.

‘The main thing is they’re using that area as a rubbish tip. It’s not designed for one.

‘The drain there absolutely stinks.

‘You can stand there and you can smell it. In summer we get vermin down there.’

Mr Allison first complained to the council about the use of the site as a dump in 2005.

He said he has since had to contact the authority on a number of occasions to clear up litter.

The site was used as a ‘temporary’ site when a facility was lost when the Tricorn was knocked down in 2004.

Mr Allison added: ‘This was only temporary.

‘But it goes on and on. The council abuses the privilege of looking after the city.

‘I’m forever contacting the council to get stuff removed.

‘I shouldn’t keep having to walk around and inspect the area and make sure the council is doing its job.’

Now Mr Allison wants the council to pick a new location for the waste as he says it’s causing a problem.

He added: ‘The council should find somewhere else, it’s not a tip – I’m trying to run a business.’

Barry Walker is the city centre manager.

He said that there is a build up of rubbish on market days ahead of it being picked up by contractor Colas.

In a statement he said: ‘Colas has been contracted since 2005 for the disposal of market rubbish in the Charlotte Street and Eden Street area.

‘Waste will inevitably collate prior to disposal in that location on market trading days – Thursday, Friday and Saturday – and when new stock is delivered on Wednesdays.’

Mr Allison wants the council to stop people from leaving rubbish at the site and find somewhere else.