Anger over flytipping at Purbrook Heath

Fly-tipping off Widley Walk at Purbrook Heath
Fly-tipping off Widley Walk at Purbrook Heath
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WALKERS have spoken of their disgust after finding a trail of fly-tipping on Purbrook Heath.

Jackie Forrest and Adele Mallows were horrified to find piles of bottles, tyres and a freezer dumped in the heart of beautiful countryside.

The flytipping was found along Widley Walk, close to The Rowans Hospice.

Mrs Forrest, of Stakes, Waterlooville, said she was angry as a £1m recycling centre recently opened in Hambledon Road, Waterlooville – but some people were choosing to blight the countryside instead.

She said Widley Walk was a hotspot for flytipping.

The 71-year-old told The News: ‘It’s a flytipper’s paradise.

‘There’s always stuff dumped down there.

‘I think it’s because it’s close to town and you don’t get many people down there because it’s dark at night.

‘They must have some kind of portable CCTV they could use and get people’s registration numbers.

‘This country is getting worse for litter and it just spoils the countryside.

‘People are just lazy.’

The mess was reported to Winchester City Council as the fly-tipping was on its land.

It has now been taken away.

Mrs Forrest added: ‘You have the “that’s what I pay my council tax for” brigade.

‘Because they pay council tax, they think they can throw rubbish anywhere.

‘They have no pride.’

Purbrook Councillor Gwen Blackett said the public had to work together to report fly-tippers.

She said: ‘It’s a big problem. It’s not a council problem – it’s people. I think people ought to have the courage to report it if they see people dumping it.’