Animals saved as fire rips through stables

Stephen Morgan. Picture: Loughlan Campbell

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A STABLE block containing horses, chickens and kittens caught fire as sparks spread from a nearby bonfire.

The fire started at around midday and three fire crews, from Wickham, Portchester and a water carrier from Fareham, were called to the scene off Firgrove Lane, North Boarhunt.

BLAZE Firefighters at the scene

BLAZE Firefighters at the scene

Feed bags were being burned nearby when a gust of wind blew sparks onto the stable and set fire to the straw. The fire spread to a nearby holiday caravan.

The owner’s daughter Alison Thomson had been tidying up the site when the fire happened.

When she saw the flames she ran to a neighbour’s house who helped move the animals and called the fire service.

Alison, 30, from Portchester, said: ‘You never think that something like this is going to happen. You hear all the time about fires and never think it will happen to you. The caravan is completely disintegrated, if I’d gone home the whole lot would have gone. The horse was in the end stable and we had kittens in one and chickens in another. So we are lucky.’

Firefighter Simon Lovelock said: ‘We were there over two hours. The biggest problem was water supply, it was so rural we had to get a water carrier from Fareham.’