Anti-bullying video from Leigh Park gets 800,000 online hits

  • Leigh Park’s Callie Webb is stunned as anti-bullying video goes viral
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CALLIE Webb’s short film started in her bedroom in Leigh Park and in the corridors of her school.

Within a matter of months, her anti-bullying video has proved to be a worldwide hit – amassing more than 812,000 views on Facebook.

The 19-year-old, who produced the hard-hitting piece for her film studies course at South Downs College, has been stunned by the response.

A school in New York recently e-mailed her to say the film had been shown to their students to highlight the terrible impact of bullying.

Callie’s film, called It Hurts, tells the heartbreaking story of a teenager who is constantly called names and mocked by her peers.

The role was played by Callie’s friend, 17-year-old Chloe Aggar, from Fratton, and filming by Callie took place at Park Community School and at her home in Middle Park Way.

Film student Callie Mitchell Webb from Leigh Park'''Picture: Ian Hargreaves (151217-1)

Film student Callie Mitchell Webb from Leigh Park'''Picture: Ian Hargreaves (151217-1)

After being unable to cope with the bullying, there are tragic consequences in the film for Chloe.

Callie said: ‘I wanted it to open people’s eyes about what happens.

‘It was my first short film.

‘I got bullied at school. It was horrible. I did not go to school.

‘Now it’s worse because people bully online.

‘You can go on websites where you can send messages anonymously.

‘It doesn’t make you any bigger or harder.

‘It just makes you really low in life.’

In the video, Rory Davies, 18, from Cosham, played Chloe’s one kind friend who is a shoulder to cry on.

Callie, who plans to go to Winchester University to study film studies, got a distinction for the film, but never expected the huge response.

‘I had an e-mail through saying we have used it in our school,’ she said.

‘That was from New York.

‘I did not expect the reaction it got at all.

‘I woke up one day and the hits were 100,000. I thought someone was playing a prank.’

Callie has had dozens of positive comments from people who have been affected by bullying, as well as some negative ones.

She said: ‘You are going to get the hate – I had already prepared myself for that. My college said they had never heard of a student’s film going viral.’