Anti-Trump protest held in Portsmouth as president landed in UK

PROTESTORS staged a rally against Donald Trump after the US president landed in the UK for his first visit as America’s leader.  

Mr Trump’s maiden visit to these shores since being elected to the White House has angered some – resulting in a small but vocal congregation of anti-Trump campaigners venting their frustrations.

Protesters against US president Donald Trump unite on the steps of Portsmouth Guildhall. Picture: Malcolm Wells

Protesters against US president Donald Trump unite on the steps of Portsmouth Guildhall. Picture: Malcolm Wells

Carrying banners and signs, Portsmouth Together Against Trump marched on Guildhall Square in a protest against the ‘divisive’ president.

Speeches were made by those who disapproved of Mr Trump’s policies and rhetoric which has been criticised as homophobic and racist in some quarters, while others chanted against the controversial American.

Amy Woods, organiser of the event, said: ‘Trump’s policies are very hateful and damaging on a global scale.

‘He has cut funding for poverty stricken countries – Nairobi has seen a huge rise in dangerous backstreet abortions because of this; his views on Muslims and women are so shocking and extreme.

‘He is so divisive to so many parts of the community. He is not welcome here.’

Ahead of the American president’s visit to the UK, Portsmouth City Council debated the controversial figure at Tuesday’s full council meeting.

In her debut meeting Charles Dickens representative Cllr Claire Udy raised the question of Mr Trump. She said: ‘As reported in the media, American President Donald Trump is due to visit an unnamed defence site this Friday in the UK.

‘Given that Portsmouth could be one of those sites, could the leader clarify, that in the event of President Trump visiting, that he is unwelcome to the city of Portsmouth?’

But council leader Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson was sceptical the president would visit the city.

He said: ‘I have done some digging to see if there have been any official reports that he is coming to Portsmouth. So far no-one has heard anything.’

He stood by previously reported sentiments and added: ‘My view is that we should be courteous to people unless they pose a positive threat to us.

‘But it is clear he is reluctant to support human rights and that for me is the reason he won’t be welcome here.’