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A WATER company has apologised after a family had to endure two days of raw sewage being pumped into their garden.

Homes in the Zeus Close area of Crookhorn were affected when a sewer became blocked.

Deborah Hammond was horrified when she saw the dirty water pouring into the front garden of her home and soon realised it was sewage.

She rang Southern Water to complain – but says the problem was not solved until two days later.

She said: ‘We had raw sewage and everything that goes with that running into our front garden – it was running right up to our house. It stank.’

Mrs Hammond also contacted Havant Borough Council’s environmental health department because she was so worried.

Southern Water said it was a large blockage which had to be cleared by crews using heavy jetter lorries.

But it admitted there had been a delay in fixing the problem last week.

A spokeswoman for Southern Water said: ‘We’d like to apologise to customers affected by a sewer blockage in the Zeus Lane area.

‘We were contacted about the problem and crews attended in the afternoon.

‘However, there appears to have been a delay in the arrival of the contractors to clear the blockage.

‘This clearly falls below our usual standards and we’ll be investigating what caused the delay.’ The News revealed this week that the Environment Agency had launched an investigation after raw sewage was allowed to be pumped into Langstone Harbour by Southern Water for six months.

A broken screening system meant that whenever there was a large rainfall, raw sewage spilled out into the harbour which is home to 50,000 species of birds and has international wildlife status.