Appeal after waste illegally dumped in east Hampshire

DISCOVERED The waste found by the Environmental Crime Team
DISCOVERED The waste found by the Environmental Crime Team

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A CRIMINAL investigation has been launched after more than 250 tyres and potentially hazardous asbestos sheets were dumped in a farmer’s field.

The pile of mess was dumped off North Lane, Clanfield.

Nigel Oliver, environmental crime officer for the Environment Agency, said: ‘This is not a matter of simple fly-tipping. This case appears to be intentional large scale avoidance of disposal costs of what is potentially harmful material.

‘This callous act has endangered the environment and had a costly impact for the landowner. It is vital we identify where the items have come from and who took it there. If an innocent party has handed it to a contractor for disposal then they won’t be in any trouble and will have critical information for us.’

The landowner, Mrs Rook, added: ‘Illegal dumping of waste has a large impact on small businesses such as our own, amounting to £700 on this occasion to have the material removed and properly disposed of.’

The waste was dumped overnight between September 5 and September 6, although details have just been released. Anyone with information should call (01794) 832777.