Apple puts Portsmouth on the map – but it’s now in the wrong place

Apple iphone IOS 6 maps showing Portsmouth in the wrong place
Apple iphone IOS 6 maps showing Portsmouth in the wrong place
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PORTSMOUTH is in fact in Bedhampton – if Apple’s new maps software is to be believed.

Users of the tech giant’s new maps service on the iPhone and iPad will be bemused to find UK’s most densely populated city in the wrong place.

The Apple Maps app pinpoints the city where Bedhampton should be.

Apple has faced criticism since the app was released last week.

The firm was embroiled in a dispute with Google over the use of its mapping software on Apple products, which forced it to make its own equivalent.

But users say the software suffers from inaccuracies, misses key landmarks, and misplaces towns and cities.

Eagle-eyed iPhone user David Banks, 37, of Marion Road, Southsea, spotted the mistake.

Mr Banks said: ‘I have got an iPhone and use it quite a lot.

‘The phone’s settings gave me the chance to download the new operating system. I downloaded the maps app and looked for Portsmouth.

‘I have heard of a few mistakes but as far as I know Portsmouth is the biggest city to be affected.

‘It’s quite careless.

‘In a way, it’s an insult to a whole city to get it so wrong. It puts Portsmouth about a quarter of a mile away from Havant. If you didn’t know the area and you were relying on this map you’d get so lost.’

Mr Banks, who works in public relations for the insurance industry, added: ‘I rely on maps quite a lot because I usually set off on the road for meetings without looking where I’m going, which is what most people do these days.

‘You expect the technology to be reliable and this is just not up to scratch.’

In January this year, Mr Banks discovered Copnor was spelt Copner in the Google Maps app, and made Google aware of the mistake using the ‘report a problem’ tool.

The News tested out the software and found neighbourhoods such as Eastney and Southsea don’t exist on the new maps.

HMS Victory and Portsmouth Historic Dockyard are only listed as No.6 Cinema, and the Spinnaker Tower is not listed.

Apple has said it is working to improve the software.

Spokeswoman Trudy Muller said: ‘We are continuously improving it.

‘We appreciate all of the customer feedback and are working hard to make the customer experience even better.’