Aquarium joins anti-litter campaign

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Portsmouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium is joining an anti-litter campaign.

The European Commission’s World Aquariums Against Marine Litter campaign, which is being supported by hundreds of aquariums around the world, aims to raise global awareness of the problem.

As part of the campaign the Southsea wildlife attraction is unveiling a series of new features and initiatives.

‘Every year millions of tonnes of plastics and other waste is dumped into the world’s oceans. If nothing is done scientists are warning by 2050 our seas could contain more plastic than fish,’ said Blue Reef’s Jenna MacFarlane.

‘We are joining with aquariums worldwide to highlight the dangers of marine litter and help raise awareness of what we can all do to help,’ she added.

A tactile display featuring information on the different types of marine litter and how long they take to biodegrade has been unveiled within the aquarium.

Visitors will be provided with practical tips and information on how they can reduce their reliance on plastics and other items which end up in our oceans as well as information on local marine conservation initiatives they can get involved with.