Archie is off to Cern for work experience

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A YEAR 10 student will become the first ever child to do work experience at Cern in Switzerland.

Archie Hayward (pictured), 15, from Havant, said he was looking forward to seeing what happened at the research facility.

Archie said the offer to do work experience there came after he wrote a letter to the head of research at Cern.

He said: ‘About two weeks later the head of Cern wrote back saying that they wanted me to be the first ever child to do work experience there. I was really gob-smacked. I did not expect that it would go ahead.’

Archie goes to Warblington School and wants to pursue a career in engineering, so said the experience would be useful.

He was also nominated for the University of Southampton’s Young Physicist of the Year Award earlier this year.