Arctic Convoy veterans blast Prime Minister over promise boast

BROKEN PROMISES Prime Minister David Cameron
BROKEN PROMISES Prime Minister David Cameron
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WAR veterans fighting for a medal have poured scorn on Prime Minister David Cameron after he boasted that his party keeps its promises.

Men who are still waiting for the Tories to honour their pre-election promises to strike a medal to honour the Arctic Convoy missions to Russia say they were sickened by Mr Cameron’s comments in a political broadcast by the Conservative Party on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister told viewers: ‘The most important part of accountability is politicians being judged on whether they keep their promises.’

Commander Eddie Grenfell, 92, of Portsea, who leads the Arctic Medal campaign, said: ‘It sickens me that Mr Cameron can say this while ignoring the promises his party made to us as long ago as 2004.

‘It smacks of hypocrisy and hurts deeply.’

In opposition, successive Tory leaders pledged to strike an Arctic Medal the next time the party came to power.

But the promises made by Michael Howard and Iain Duncan Smith have still not borne fruit almost two years after Mr Cameron entered Downing Street.

Instead of striking a medal, Mr Cameron ordered the MoD to review the medals system in July 2010.

That review was stopped after 16 months and a new, independent review will start ‘soon’, according to government spokesmen.

But the ageing veterans, who are dwindling in their numbers as they continue to wait, urge Mr Cameron to act on his words immediately.

Lieutenant Commander Dick Dykes, 92, who took part in the Arctic Convoys aboard HMS Honeysuckle, said: ‘It’s disgraceful he should say that after the way we’ve been treated.

‘His words are not compatible with his actions.’