Are ghosts roaming the South Downs?

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RESEARCH into the folklore of a national park has revealed it is a hotbed of ghouls and fairy tales.

A map of the folklore of the South Downs National Park has been put together.

Heather Robbins is from the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy at the University of Chichester.

She said: ‘The shape of the land shapes our myths and legends, so it’s not surprising that stories have grown around the ancient flint mines, barrows and hill forts of the South Downs.

‘It’s been fascinating to see how they fit across the land and we hope it will encourage more people to learn about their local mythology.’

One of the legends to be unearthed is about the beauty spot Kingley Vale, which is popular with walkers.

It is said to be haunted by marauding Viking warriors left to rot. A grove of ancient gnarled yew trees are said to take their human form by night.

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