Arrest made after car smashes into railings in Gosport

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A WARNING about the perils of drink driving has been made after a crash.

Emergency services were called to the mangled wreck of a car that had crashed in Forton Road, Gosport.

The car came off the road and smashed into railings, close to the Pizza Hut shop.

The incident happened at about midnight on Sunday.

Watch manager Rob Dellow, from Gosport fire station, said: ‘A drink driver three times over the limit drifted off the road doing between 35mph and 45mph and smashed into railings on the pavement.

‘He promptly got himself arrested by the police. We were mobilised for scene safety.’

The firefighters had to check the car was not leaking fuel.

At the scene, firefighters watched CCTV footage of the crash.

Mr Dellow said: ‘Five minutes before impact, there are people walking around in the exact spot he hit.

‘Although Pizza Hut was shut people were still walking down the road.

‘The message we want to get across is however much you feel the need to have a drink, leave the car behind. It’s a timely reminder not to drink and drive.’

A man is his late-20s was arrested.