Artist aims to reunite toy owl with owner

Cuddly owl toy found by Maire Ryan on Southsea beach
Cuddly owl toy found by Maire Ryan on Southsea beach
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AN ARTIST is hoping to reunite a lost toy with its owner.

Maire Ryan found a cuddly toy on Southsea seafront while she was looking for interesting items and taking pictures.

And now she wants to make sure that whoever lost the toy gets reunited with it.

She said: ‘I was on the look-out for normal treasures and taking photos of washed-up fisherman’s pots and uprooted trees when I saw a little lost toy owl looking at me.

‘The poor thing was soaked through. So I have washed it, dried it and now I’m going to try to locate the owner and reunite them.’

Maire found the toy on the stretch of beach between the Royal Marines statue and the Royal Marines old fort.

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