Asparagus mountain after lorry crashes

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A MOUNTAIN of asparagus ended up in a garden after a lorry crashed.

The lorry, carrying tonnes of fresh asparagus, crashed on Bognor Road, Chichester, at around 2.30am on Wednesday.

Resident Tony Christofi, 81, said: ‘It must have been around 2.30am, there was a terrific bang which woke me up.

‘I thought it was thunder and I was tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep when I heard all these sirens and realised there must have been an accident. I looked out of my window and there it was.

‘What I had of a front garden has completely gone, the wall and bushes, and there must have been two or three tonnes of asparagus piled there.

‘There’s a bit of damage to my front door and to the brickwork but otherwise my house is okay.’

The driver was taken to hospital but was not hurt.

Dozens of people made their way to the road to get their hands on the asparagus.