At the age of 94 is Reg Portsmouth’s oldest driver?

Reg Morris from North End, Portsmouth, Hampshire, still drives his Nissan saloon car to the shops    Picture:  Malcolm Wells
Reg Morris from North End, Portsmouth, Hampshire, still drives his Nissan saloon car to the shops Picture: Malcolm Wells
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AS YOU go through your senior years, you can be forgiven for choosing to take life a little more slowly.

The employment rat race is behind you and things can become a bit more leisurely.

But 94-year-old Reg Morris, from Portsmouth, is still living his life in top gear.

Reg believes that he may be the oldest driver in the city – but says that he is just as confident behind the wheel as he was almost eight decades ago.

Mr Morris, who has lived in Portsmouth for his entire life, passed his driving test in his 20s, before getting behind the wheel of his first car – an old Toyota.

He said: ‘I honestly cannot remember passing my test because it was so long ago – I think I would probably fail if I were to take it again today.

‘The Toyota was a good car for me, but at the time there weren’t any motorways.

‘I remember I once drove it up to Fort William in Scotland – that was quite the journey.’

Reg now drives a Nissan Micra, and says that expensive cars have never been a dream of his.

‘I have had my current car for a number of years – but never had anything flashy because that isn’t important to me.’

At the age of 94, some may think that Reg should be slowing down a bit.

But he claims that he doesn’t feel any different health-wise, and has no intentions of turning off the engine for good.

He said: ‘I still never get anything wrong with me – I know that is quite bizarre, but it’s the truth.

‘I honestly feel as though I am the same man I was 30 years ago.

‘Some people might be worried about my eyesight, but apparently I can still see perfectly well – I have never needed glasses in my life.

‘I think I might be a very rare example in that regard.’

According to Mr Morris, he doesn’t make any long-distance journeys – in fact, his car is only used for his regular trips to the shops.

He said: ‘I don’t have any family to visit in the area, so I only really use my car to go and get the shopping.

‘It is a journey that only takes me 10 minutes, and I never really go any further than that.

‘It’s certainly useful though, because it means I don’t have to worry about having to carry the shopping home.