An atmospheric look at roads bursting with cars

The photos on this page come courtesy of A Brief History of Bedhampton, by Ralph Cousins.

Monday, 1st August 2016, 6:00 am
Bedhampton Crossing sixty years ago but very busy, even then

With the amount of traffic waiting to use the level crossing you would think it was today, but it was 60 years old.

At that time the main road, the A27, had the right of way. The far side was West Street and this side was Bedhampton Road.

Traffic from New Road, coming from the left, had to wait until there was a gap to cross into Bedhampton Road.

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On a summer Saturday traffic could trail back almost to the Havant roundabout on the junction of the B2147.

When the crossing gates, operated by a geared wheel from the signal box, were done away with and Continental barriers were installed, the road layout was altered.

New Road was made into a curve onto Bedhampton Road and traffic using the level crossing had to wait until there was a gap to cross over the crossing into West Street.

Since those time the signal box has been removed and control of the barriers and signals now comes under the new signalling centre located east of Havant Station.

The former chapel on the far side has also been demolished and new housing built on the site.

n Below right is the view from the footbridge over the railway line with the A27 crossing left to right.

The road on the left is New Road with traffic queuing back to Havant roundabout.

In the distance can be seen Stockheath signalbox which controlled the rarely-used Staunton Road crossing.

n We see a very countrified Hulbert Road, Bedhampton, below left, at the junction with the A27.

When the A27 was a Roman Road it would have passed through where the trees are to the left at this point and gone north west to Winchester.

n On the opposite page is an atmospheric view of West Street, Fareham, in the late 1950s.

One can only wonder what it would be like if the by-pass had not been constructed in the early 1970s.

Today of course, this is all precinct and open access for shoppers.

n To buy a copy of A Brief History of Bedhampton call (023) 9248 4024.