Attorney General’s Office reviews Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies’ 10-year sentences over Gosport baby death

THE 10-year jail terms handed down to a mum and her former partner over an infant's death is under review.

Tiny Stanley Davis suffered more than 40 broken bones in March last year in a prolonged series of assaults branded 'torture'.

Roxanne Davis with baby Stanley in his car seat at Garland Court in Gosport.

Roxanne Davis with baby Stanley in his car seat at Garland Court in Gosport.

The Gosport baby's mother Roxanne Davis, and her partner Samuel Davies were jailed for 10 years each after being convicted of the rare charge of causing or allowing the child's death. Prosecutors were unable to say who inflicted the fatal head injury that killed 24-day old Stanley.

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Now the Attorney General's Office is reviewing the case to see if the jail terms handed down will be reviewed by senior judges for being too low.

Stanley Davis Picture: Hampshire Constabulary/PA Wire

Stanley Davis Picture: Hampshire Constabulary/PA Wire

Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage was one of many people who referred the case to the AGO under the ‘unduly lenient’ scheme. This allows for serious cases to be referred if it is deemed the sentences given were not harsh enough. In a letter to the attorney general Geoffrey Cox QC, Ms Dinenage said it was a 'very high profile and disturbing case'.

She is calling for review of the 14-year maximum sentence for the charge.

She said: 'The court found that Stanley had died from a skull fracture and a brain haemorrhage and he had also suffered 32 fractures to his ribs and nine fractures to his arms and legs, sustained during three separate occasions.

'Many people believe that this was tantamount to torture of this poor innocent new born and either Miss Davis or Mr Davies, or both were responsible for these terrible injuries.  Both tested positive for cocaine and cannabis when arrested.  

'I hope you will agree that in light of these details, the sentences handed down, do not seem to be an adequate punishment for the accused.

'Over 7,000 people have already signed a petition named Justice for Baby Stanley asking for the sentences to be reviewed.

'On behalf of the community, I would like to call on you to review the length and terms of Miss Davis and Mr Davies sentences.'

Further referrals to the AGO will not mean the review is successful.

Davis, 30, of Lee Road, Gosport, and Davies, 24, of St Peter’s Road, Basingstoke denied the charge at trial.

Ms Dinenage added: ‘I understand that the maximum sentence for causing or allowing the death of a child or a young adult is 14 years and I think this in itself needs to be reconsidered.’

Any increase would not apply to the pair.