Aunty captures the perfect moment and wins The News' One Christmas Day competition

A SPONTANEOUS picture of a moment in which laughter was shared by a son, his daughter, and everyone else in the room.

Tuesday, 3rd January 2017, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:53 pm
Karen Reeve, right, won The News One Christmas Day competition after her mum Diane, left, told her to send us the picture she took of her brother and niece on Christmas Day

That was the snapshot that won The News’ One Christmas Day competition, in which we asked readers to send in a picture taken on Christmas Day for the chance to win a three-night weekend break for up to six people, at Bunn Leisure, Selsey.

The winning photo was taken by Karen Reeve, who managed to capture the moment her brother, Oliver Stoner, was forced to wear the turkey hat he won in a game the family were playing.

Oliver’s six-year-old daughter Ruby found the ordeal hilarious, but as her father was only grimacing at first, she pinched his cheeks in order to make him smile.

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Oliver Stoner with his daughter Ruby - the winner of the One Christmas Day photo competition

Karen, a self-employed accountant from Horndean, said: ‘Everyone was laughing at that point.

‘About 12 of us were playing this game that’s a bit like pass the parcel. One person had to wear oven gloves while trying to unwrap a present, and they had to do this before someone else rolled a double dice. Whoever did it first won, and inside each layer were different things such as scratchcards and joke presents like toxic waste sweets.

‘Oliver won the final round and that’s when he opened the gift to find chocolates and this turkey hat, which he didn’t want to put on – but we all made him.

‘That’s when Ruby pinched his cheeks. She was laughing her head off and luckily I had my iPhone to hand to capture the moment.’

Oliver Stoner with his daughter Ruby - the winner of the One Christmas Day photo competition

Karen’s family played this game along with many others on the day, thanks to 37-year-old Oliver’s fiancee Pauline, who organised everything.

Ruby was wearing her leotard at the time the winning picture was taken because she spent part of the day practising routines on her new gymnastic mat.

Karen’s mum Diane Stoner, 74, encouraged her daughter to send her picture into The News after seeing it on Facebook.

Forty-eight-year-old Karen added: ‘Mum’s in a photography club and knows a good picture when she sees one.

‘At the time I took the photo I hadn’t even thought about entering the competition.

‘I love it because Oliver looks like a complete clown, and that one shot sums up our Christmas Day perfectly, it was a very special day with lots of laughter.

‘We didn’t even watch any TV because we were having so much fun.

‘I’m really pleased to have won the competition and I think I did because it was a nice, natural photo that wasn’t staged in any way.

‘That’s the good thing about phones these days – you witness something happening and think “I’ve got to catch this”, and you easily can.

‘Oliver adores Ruby and any time he spends with her is really precious.

‘She definitely enjoyed herself on the day, and to end it she did a gymnastics routine for all of us on her new mats.’