Author refers to his own book tohelp deal with bereavements

A self-published author from Chichester has found himself referring back to his own words of wisdom following the emotional pain '¨of bereavement in his own life.

Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 6:10 am

Steve Thomson published The Sticking Point two years ago to help people identify emotional pain and to deal with situations rather than ignore or hang on to problems which can manifest into mental health issues.

He was faced with this in his own life, coping with the loss of his mother and his wife, who died only a few months 

Mr Thomson said: ‘When I wrote the book two years ago it was from another perspective entirely, through observation and studying people’s behaviours and attitudes within my career as a professional trainer and business coach.

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‘It was identifying that people’s emotional pain can affect their work productivity and, more importantly, their overall wellbeing.

‘This pain could be in the form of bullying, being put under pressure at work and not speaking out, personal life issues, relationships and being surrounded by negativity, as well as the additional effect this has on friends and colleagues around them in the workplace and how to address these issues.

‘However, I never thought I would be re-reading the book two years down the line to help myself recognise the emotional pain I am now facing in handling the pain of bereavement.

‘It just needs for us to recognise the signs and help ourselves discover the solution to the problem.’