Autism can have a massive impact on the life of families

Chris French and Rachael Hodson of Autism Isolation No More based in Gosport''community view
Chris French and Rachael Hodson of Autism Isolation No More based in Gosport''community view
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WHEN autistic kids are happy, the parents are happy – they’re more relaxed.

The support group, Autism Isolation No More, is for parents and children.

The children can play and enjoy themselves, it doesn’t matter if they hand clap, scream and grind their teeth because all the parents there understand.

It’s not abnormal for them, so they’re just comfortable.

It’s an excellent environment because we can all relate to each other as well.

It can be quite a scary world for children with autism, who can be on the outside of society.

Previously we ran another group in Gosport but at the moment we’ve all been doing the behind-the-scenes preparation for the group.

We start on Monday, April 22 at Mobys Play Centre in Fielder Drive, Fareham from 6pm to 8pm.

It is for people in Gosport and the surrounding area.

We aim to prevent isolation of families affected by the autistic spectrum disorder.

We’re all very happy in the safety of our own homes but when you go outside you have people staring, and saying negative comments.

It kind of puts you in a feral parenthood.

All you want to do is protect your child, that’s not a good state of mind – you want to be a happy family.

You want to be going out and enjoying life like every other person.

Support groups have helped me and I hope it will help everyone else.

Hopefully we’ll have seven or eight families and we’ll build up from there.

I have two children with autism, Samuel, 13 and Rico, five, and I have a brother who has autism.

It has a massive impact on the lives of families, it completely changed my life.