Autumn creeps on at the Southsea community garden

Community gardening.
Community gardening.
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So the growing season is pretty much over, days are cooler and shorter and leaves on the trees are beginning to colour.

You may find vegetable beds look overgrown, certainly the beans, corn and brassicas plots at the community garden do. It may look daunting, but clearance is relatively simple when the soil is damp.

After harvesting any remaining produce use a light fork or brute strength to pull up the remains. Put them in the compost bin to provide food for next year’s crops, but see if you can leave a few areas to provide winter shelter for bugs and other wildlife.

The vacant ground can be planted with winter crops, mainly roots but also sprouts, onions and the like. Under-cover lettuce and other salads can be sown to be ready for Christmas and early spring consumption.

This week we welcome those who are 60-plus with the Over 60s Festival. All ages and abilities are welcome to our monthly Get Togethers and our gardening and craft skillshops. Find out more at