Back room of Gosport cafe set to be community hub

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HELP is needed to transform a room into a community hub.

Tammy Kent is looking for volunteers to help her make a room in the back of popular cafe Rosie’s Kitchen in Rowner into a space for community use.

Once open, she hopes it will host parties, meetings and be a base for different groups and charities.

Tammy, 39, said: ‘I go to Rosie’s Kitchen quite a lot with my children because they are made to feel welcome and it is a lovely place.

‘A couple of weeks ago, the owner Vicky was saying she needed roof repairs in the back room.

‘I had a look at the space and all these ideas just came to me.

‘I started thinking it would be a great party room. Then I thought why not make it into a place for clubs and charities or for community groups to hold fairs and table-top sales?

‘All my ideas just started boiling over.

‘As a mum-of-six, I can get funny looks when I go into cafes for lunch but Rosie’s Kitchen isn’t like that and I thought it would be a great base for community groups, meetings and parties.’

Tammy, who used to run FortonFest, put a post on social media site Facebook about her idea and was overwhelmed with the response.

She added: ‘The room needs quite a bit doing to it.

‘It needs plastering, either a carpet or laminate flooring, plasterboard and furniture.

‘I’ve been asking people to help and loads of friends have responded.

‘We already have an Xbox to go in there and people have said they could spare time to paint.

‘So I only suggested it a couple weeks ago and already loads of people want to help.

‘Hopefully we can get it ready for use before summer.’

Vicky Wallace, who has been owner for the past three years, said she was fully supportive of the plan.

‘We have had a lot of interest from people wanting to hold fun days and things like that here,’ she said.

‘So when Tammy suggested it, I thought it was a great idea.

‘The back room is a bit of a void area because I couldn’t afford to do it up as it needs a lot of work.

‘But it is a great space so we are working in collaboration with Tammy to get it done.

‘We already hold cooking classes in the cafe so this is just an expansion of those services.’