Be armed with latest flood information

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HOUSEHOLDS at risk of flooding are being urged to check out the latest information online.

This time last year, homes in Rowlands Castle and Hambledon were hit by surface water flooding.

Even though this month has been relatively dry until now, Meon Valley MP George Hollingbery is encouraging people in his constituency to look at a new online flood map published by the Environment Agency.

He said: ‘This is the latest information about flood risk from rivers and the sea, reservoirs and surface water.

‘I hope residents will 
have a look online and see if there is any risk to their property.

‘I know that Southern Water has done quite a bit of work in Hambledon to try and stop flooding coming up from the sewers.

‘But many parts of Hampshire are at risk and it’s best to know what that risk is, especially in the run-up to Christmas.’

People can check their flood risk and find out what they can do to be better prepared for flooding.

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